Land of the Two: The Country with Two Presidents

An analysis of the 2020 US election

- Yana Milev

The mysterious steep ascent of Joe Biden on the night of November 3rd to 4th

For those who followed the election rallies in October 2020 in the US, it was clear on election night on November 3rd that US President D. Trump won the elections with a landslide victory. Surprisingly, however, it was not festively loud, but suspiciously quiet. What was going on? America voted, but the results are not yet available. The counts are still in full swing. TV stations and news media held back for three long days, the public institutions refused to congratulate D. Trump. Suddenly there was talk of D. Trump's shrinking lead. On November 7th, the new "President Elect" was announced with a bang from TV stations like CNN and News Media: Joe Biden. From that moment on, the USA had two presidents, a "President-Elect" without office and a 45th President who will be in office until January 20th 2021 according to the constitution. The USA now has a “President Elect” who will pretend to be in office in the White House from November 7th 2020, and a President-in-Office of the White House who refuses to leave the White House, as the media claim. At the same time, the mysterious blue shift of Joe Biden, which was generated on the night of November 3rd to 4th, is shown in all independent media. As we know today, the voting machines stopped their work on the night of November 3rd to 4th at 3:42 AM. At 6:31 AM, a steep turn was made: A vote dump. Where did the voices come from?

«President Elect» - An invention of the global media machine

"President Elect" is the newly invented title that cleverly disguises the role of the candidate and suggests that he would already be in an office from November 4th, at least in an office that is definitely outstanding. Global congratulations to the “President Elect” on November 7th were noticeable. At the very beginning of the line of congratulators was the Federal Republic of Germany with Chancellor Merkel, who warmly congratulated the President-Elect on the election victory, as well as Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier, who both insisted on the early congratulations to belong. Congratulations from Great Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte followed on the same day. And China's President Xi Jinping also congratulated the President-Elect. In addition to Canada and China, the entire EU and Brexit EU came by on the congratulatory steamer.


In a massive, never-ending mood of congratulations, the incumbent president was dismantled and filleted by the same quality media: this is not reporting, it is character assassination. At other times, editors would have ended up in the dock for that. Not today when the media are the biggest investors and the main pullers of the establishment in the global cities. So, the magazine Spiegel oracles with its story «The squatter. Trump's dirty battle for the Oval Office »in the arena. Others followed and were diligently supported by book publishers. Books like John Bolton's “The Room in which Everything Happened”, published by the left-wing publisher “Das Neue Berlin”, and the “Writers Against Trump” were launched here.

Media as 4th violence - false flag and censorship

In all assumptions, it should be pointed out at least at this point that the media are considered the “fourth power” in a state. A phrase that suggests that the press has the same status as the other branches of government created by the US Constitution. «The press or the fourth estate plays an important role as the guardian of democracy in the USA. This role is secured by the first amendment to the American Constitution, which came into force in 1789. The article states that Congress may not pass any laws restricting press freedom.” It should be so. But the opposite has happened: the global media machine has proven in recent weeks that it does not serve democracy, but rather the “democrats”. The US constitutional article on the role of the media as guardians of democracy was clearly corrupted in the case of the 2020 US election.


From November 4th, the mysterious steep curve (blue shift) was published in independent media and with it the protest on the grass roots began. Strictly speaking, an information and media war began among the media empires, represented by leaders in politics and business, against other opinions. The formats 

of the European Bertelsmann-Burda-Springer -Gruner/Jahr- and Bauer-Group once again got their tried and tested narratives out of the drawer, the arsonist who sets the world on fire, the Nazi, the decapitator of democracy in IS-style, the gorilla who endangers America's freedom, the squatter. FOX News distanced itself from D. Trump, leading TV stations cut him off in the middle of the speech. Exemplary examples can also be mentioned in Germany. Left leader Bernd Riexinger speaks out on November 4th, 2020 and says that D. Trump is again expressing his contempt for democracy by claiming that the Democrats stole his election.


And a tough censorship began in the MSM by the Big Tech Key Players and their subsidiaries. Users on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms are under fire from the “fact checker”. The fact checkers were on the loose and began to censor every article whose statement didn't fit the mainstream. From this it quickly became clear that the media empires, the MSM, were active in one mission: to effectively counteract any doubt about the correctness of J. Biden's election success. This image corresponds to that of a synchronized media machine acting on behalf of investors.

Election Fraud, Cyber ​​Attack and Server in Germany

On October 28, just a few days before the election, the election manipulation expert Russ Ramsland spoke in an interview with Debbie Georgato on her talk show "America, Can we Talk?" critical of the security standards of the voting machines. “Basically, what most Americans don't know is that elections are run by private companies. The election rules are under contract with the companies. We went to these private companies to find out more about the software and its security. And we found that there are no safety standards at all. (...) But what happens to the data after the election, after it has been saved by a local private company? And that's when we found out that they are running on a server in Frankfurt, Germany. That is how the data is stored, managed and controlled. " This interview was about the question of how likely it is to change data after the voting process has been completed and the data has been saved in local companies. The result is terrifying. And: Russ Ramsland's analysis was confirmed in the 2020 election.


While research on Dominion and Smartmatic made astonishing connections public from November 14th, such as their first use in the elections in Venezuela in 2015 or in the elections in the Philippines in 2010 and 2013, the first business negotiations between the "President Elect" and governments worldwide have already taken place, so also with Germany. FDP politician and parliament member Harald Christ in Focus on November 12th expressed spicy details about Germany's business interests with a desired Biden administration. The current fight of the Democrats against Trump, which is under the slogan “Voting Trump Out is not enough”, is “a  statement of great complexity and scope. Not just for the US, but also for us. In Europe and especially in Germany”. With Biden, Germany hopes to end the cold (economic) war with China, a strong front in the Paris Climate Agreement and in the WHO. “If the nuclear deal with Iran were to be revived, that would be more than just a successful start." The EU and Germany's business plan has been established - a joint venture with China and Iran under the leadership of the Biden administration. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that China, Germany and Iran are involved in the US government coup. While these piquant details from Russ Ramsland or Harald Christ made their way onto social media, the global media machine continued to demand that D. Trump finally leave the White House.


The nature of the covert operation became evident with the attack on the CIA headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany by the US Army, as predicted by Russ Ramsland on October 28th and through a forensic IT analysis of the Dominion voting machines: it is one covert operation planned in China, which over election  manipulation, synchronization of the media, securing of "witnesses" like William Barr, US attorney general, a government coup, the overthrow of President D. Trump in the White House and an infiltration of the judiciary, the courts and the US -American constitution launched - to neutralize Trump with simultaneous (pseudo) immunization of J. Biden. The German media mean time got ecstasy who will soon move into the White House together with the Biden family - two German shepherds and a cat. 

Revelations, Analysis, and Evidence

From November 2nd, revelations, protests, preservation of evidence, announcements in a Stop the Steal campaign by the Trump Legal Team and the Trump Election Team will be brought to the public. Independent broadcast shows, media and social media are kicking off an unstoppable wave that has not yet peaked. Endless oaths of information and evidence from eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, election officials, poll workers, voters, activists flood to the legal teams. Scientific expertise on the susceptibility of voting machines, the susceptibility of software to failure, and the likelihood of election manipulation confirm the facts. A page-long chronicle could be opened at this point in which the elements of the electoral fraud were put on record.


In addition to the evidence of criminal involvement by Dominion Voter Systems, Smartmatic, in the services and in the cooperation of actors in China, Iran and Germany, dozen forms of electoral fraud can now be identified on the basis of the incessant testimony, evidence and forensic analyzes. - Dead Vote (voter turnout of dead who have long since died) - Ghost voters (blind ballot papers and motions) - Double and multiple voters (a registered voter operates all options: email voting, postal voting, direct voting) - Fake Voting (real voters stud in front of the message that they had already voted) - Manually damaged ballot papers so that they could no longer be analyzed with the laser - Multiple evaluation of one and the same ballot paper - Manipulation of voting machines and software - Disposal of election letters (found in garbage cans, private trunks or in postbuses from UBS and FedEx) - Bribery of election inspectors, employees and election workers - Election supervision was prevented for republicans (pushing out republican inspectors) - Subsequent redial or correction of the number after November 3rd - Counting of late ballot papers filled in after November 3rd - Hijacked voting machines (Dominion) - Manipulated software (Smartmatic) - Covert operation on a global scale with the participation of China, Iran and Germany

The big coup of the Deep State - It's an Emergency!

On December 2nd, the 45th President D. Trump gave his first public address after election night on November 3rd. He goes public with his speech, which he describes as the most important speech of his tenure. The speech emphasizes the importance of the situation, the constitutional crisis - it's an Emergency! From now on it is only a question of time when the news media of the global media machine, also in Germany, will have to come to terms with the information in this speech. The magazine Spiegel calls it «canned conspiracy rumors». The global media machine is thriving, because the participation of Germany (as well as China and Iran) in this government coup will have dire consequences as soon as the claims are accepted by the Supreme Court. If the incumbent US government confirms today that it is engaged in a cyber war in which Germany is an actor, this revelation will be a fiasco, if not its end, for Germany's policy, which has been builded on sand since 1949, at the latest since 1990. 

The Biden share and the Blue wave - Game Over

In the 2020 US election scenario, Joe Biden is nothing more than a share, a bet on the large-scale operation involving China, Iran and Germany, a bet on the blue wave. At the moment the Biden share is the winner on the stock exchange, but not in the White House and certainly not among the Folks. “Look at the futures on election night from 4 AM - you saw it there very well. Biden beats Trump, so it should be clear. A clear victory or not - the winner was clear, namely for all those who believe in stocks. With the test of the March low, SAP is as attractive as Nel ASA with its political tailwind, like Allianz with its dividend and an Amazon with its special economy with or without Covid, like Daimler thanks to the Chinese people taking off again.”, says the magazine Wall Street Online. In the country of two presidents, there will be only one 46th president from January 21st 2021. His name will be Donald J. Trump. Because who wins and who loses in a democracy is decided by the people, not Wall Street, not the media, not the lobbyists in parliaments.

Yana Milev, Land of the Two: The Country with Two Presidents. An analysis of the 2020 US election, in: Yana Milev Online Blog,, 8. Dezember 2020.

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